My aching feet – plantar fasciitis.

There is a condition that is surely a scourge of the walker, athlete and people in general, and one that seems to molests many people in middle age – plantar fasciitis.



In my opinion,  it may be a lot more widespread than usually acknowledged – I suspect its something that’s not so widely known about.

I think there may be several reasons for this: until it’s really painful it may be thought of as more of a difficulty, and inconvenience, one of those things, not much can be done.  If you have this (or any other) ailments it is always worth consulting you doctor, but here is the NHS page on foot pain.

However, there may be things that can be done to help:

  • First, Do Not Massage! Massage will only hurt you, and make it worse.  
  • Second, take the NHS advice, especially if it is painful. 
  • Third, sort your footwear out.  I discovered that many shoes, even expensive ones, often lack suitable support. 
  • Forth (and this was definitely me) lose some weight if you are overweight. 
  • Finally an NSAI like Ibuprofen can be very helpful, but only take if you are allowed (i.e. not in pregnancy, not if have blood clotting issues, etc).
Keep it raised
Keep it raised!

Elevation when sitting can be helpful, as this can assist with reducing over supply of blood to the region.  I also found that wearing suitable supportive footwear at all times when on my feet helped. I have pretty much moved into my walking boots full time, and only for very fancy occasions will consider shoes.  Check how you are sitting, especially if you are in an office job.  Ensure that your feet are correctly planted on the floor. 

Similarly, if you sit a lot for your work, ensure that you take 5 minutes gentle stroll every hour (this is actually recommended by the HSE for Screen users). Regular, gentle exercise like a stroll can really help, however, if this is painful for more than a few minutes after initiation, seek medical advice.

All the above has helped me resolve this condition, although I think shedding the weight might have been a major factor, having lost three stones (more to go!).  However, if you have any doubts, or find the condition quite painful, please see your doctor to ensure that there are no other underlying conditions at play.

If you suffer, like I have done, I wish you well on your road to recovery.

Golden Wheat or Barley
Golden fields to roam in

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