In the beginning.

The trouble with a busy mind is how to begin.

Old Building

Not that there is a shortage of material, rather the opposite, that there is far too much. Within the space of a second there is a multitude of beginnings, or the possibility of beginnings there of, but very little in the way of actual beginning.

That is to say, without making the text too much like an extract from Tristram Shandy, with so many diversions you are not sure who you are, let alone where the plot may be, where there are so many probabilities for
beginnings,  that this impossibility of setting upon a beginning prevents any at all!

So here it is.  The beginning.

I have read, that the most important thing about a “blog”, or as it used to be called “Writing”, is to do it.  
To write something. To be who you are.

However, when you have a random mind, and a seemingly mischievous computer that, at turns, deposits the cursor at random locations upon the screen, it can all seem a litttle daunting.  Add to that the anxiety that all your thoughts might seem a little trite, and that the “Twitterati” might Troll you to buggery, it can be a little daunting.

Now, I cannot advocate this for everyone. But, sitting in the sunshine in a field in the Peak District, having drunk half a bottle of wine before the end of what most would consider the “Working Day” seems to have been a marvelous lubricant.

Whilst I do like a tipple, I also know that it is not key to longevity in career: Dylan Thomas springs to mind, and whilst his writings are immortal,  I would like to fancy I could achieve at least the 4 score years and 10. So, wine is not the long term solution. However, as a lubricant to beginning of a beginning, it might be acceptable!

Who knows where this may lead.  I rather hope that you, my friend, may find my wafflings, ramblings and roamings, interesting, and the people who I meet along the way of value. It would be the ultimate treat if, with such interest in my thoughts, that I could see my way to making a crust and having the freedom of Socrates to explore the Meta as well as the physical.  To this end also to enjoy life like the most mis-understood of ancient Greeks – the Epicurians.  For them, it was not the Michelen star experience, the Instagramable plate and location – this is wholly misunderstood, and makes me rather cross! The Epicurians were somewhat the for-runners of the Utilitarians, and this is a simple summary:
North Face Eiger

Don’t fear god,
Don’t worry about death;
What is good is easy to get,
What is terrible is easy to endure.

And thus, I continue my discourse. 

I will take humility of the skilled over the hubris of the famous, the Craft of of the artisan over the polemic of the political, the considered view of the intelligent person over the opinion of the convicted, I will give all the time to listen, but not take opinion as fact.

My joy is the exploration: this does not mean travel, but does not exclude it. There is no point travelling the world with a closed mind, being in a place that is cool if you have a hot head. Far more can be obtained with an open mind in a super market. Sometimes. Not always.

Anyway, I have begun.  That is important.

I never thought I would get around to it!


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