Meadow in Nature reserve with view across Pewsey Vale

Being in nature is good for the body and mind.

A picture of Alan, founder of Roaming the Path,
Alan from Roaming the Paths

I have lived in the countryside for most of my life, and feel at ease out in nature. If ever I need to clear my head, or improve how I feel, getting outside is the tonic that so often works.

Getting outside has both Physical and mental health benefits. This backed by a study done by Natural England on Joining up nature recovery and health priorities.

I also understand that not everyone feels at ease visiting the countryside.

Without experience it can seem daunting visiting somewhere new and getting truly back to nature. It is my greatest desire to help as many people get out into nature, and feel this benefit.

Let me and my associates take any worries away you might have about “getting rural” – lets us get you into the countryside.

Our range fully guided experiences are designed to give you a quality day out that you will remember.

Roaming the Paths Mission statement

To make the countryside accessible to all.

To share our knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the countryside, the natural world, rural life, farming, and the environment.

To guide, inform, excite and care for the visitor.

Roaming the paths mission statement.

How can Roaming the Paths Help?

Our aim is to remove any and all barriers, where ever possible, between you and a great day out in our green and pleasant land.

We know that being in nature is good for the body and mind. We are also passionate about the countryside and would like to show you around. So we have devised a range of packages to suit a variety of interests and levels of ability.

What does fully guided mean?

In the simplest terms, we look after you. We will provide everything that you will need for a day out in the countryside. *(See note below on equipment).

We will provide transport, food, drinks, guidance, information, education, answer questions, and generally ensure the day is as enjoyable as possible. Fully risk assessed with fully trained outdoor first aiders present safety is paramount. We also have a backup team to assist if there are any difficulties, able to offer transport for anyone who may develop issues during the day. We offer no guarantees about the weather.

At the start of each tour we will greet you before we proceed, and have light refreshments. Check equipment for the day, answer any questions, address any concerns or worries. There will always be at least two responsible persons at any event.


We ask participants to be suitably equipped for the day, and will offer advice and a check list on what might be appropriate.

Equipment does not need to be fancy or expensive, just appropriate. An example list: water bottle, reasonable pair of walking boots, shoes or Trainers that have already been broken in (depending on the season or weather), water proofs, warm clothing, cool clothing, hat (sun or rain), sunscreen, insect replant, any medications you may need, spare socks, water bottle (this is important, so I say it twice) and snacks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

A nice garden

What about the weather, and mud?

We have no control over the weather. Sometimes the weather is what makes the day relaxing or exhilarating! Also, not everyone likes the same weather – I’m not fond of the rain, and love it baking hot, but some people prefer the opposite, and cannot abide the heat.

As a rule we will not cancel an event unless the weather is likely to be extreme or in any way dangerous. We will change the itinerary as appropriate to try to make the day as enjoyable as possible, as we want you to enjoy your time with us.

Mud is an occupational hazard of the countryside especially after wet weather. It is our intention to use the most pleasant routes, but most surfaces will be natural.

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