The river Kennet at Axford. A crystal clear chalk stream flowing through verdant countryside.

The healing power of nature.

So powerful is the healing power of nature that it is becoming a cornerstone of governmental policy.

At Roaming the Paths we understand this healing and transformative power, and we understand that there can be barriers to accessing the great outdoors. These barriers are often easily overcome with a little guidance, and we are here to fulfil that role.

Pyramidal Orchid - Anacamptis pyramidalis on a grassy verge

It’s about the individual, not the team.

We do not partake in team building exercises. Instead we focus on the experience of the individual. We aim to open their eyes to the natural world and a journey of self discovery.

By doing this we believe that not only does the individual benefit, but the entire workforce can benefit.

Happy people tend to work more cohesively, be more efficient, creative and productive.

Encouraging reflective thinking and considering larger ecosystems both in nature and the workplace improves cooperation within the workplace. So whilst we do not do team building exercises, there are real life benefits for the workplace.

Contact us to find out more how Roaming the Paths and our associates can assist you.

Talk to us – we are listening.

Our corporate packages are bespoke and designed for your needs.

We have options to suit all ranges of budget and desired outcomes. Our days out are modular and we can run different modules simultaneously if required to suit personal preferences. Maybe some of the team would like to walk the downs and learn about the ancient people of the land, whilst others have a morning of restorative yoga. Luncheon might be soup and a bread roll in the field – or a foraging and feasting extravaganza with wine pairing the Michelin quality foods.

When do these events take place?

All year around. The types of events are seasonal, but there are year round activities.

Talk to us now as the best time to suit.

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