Background information on visiting Pewsey Vale and North Wessex Downs: Where to eat and drink, places to visit, transport, ecology, history and the environment.

Visit Pewsey Vale

The Vale of Pewsey – one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the UK, just waiting to be explored. Many of the events held are in or around the Pewsey Vale. Visit Pewsey Vale’s website tells you why there is so much on offer. Also, see the Visit Pewsey Vale Facebook page and their lovely Visit Pewsey Vale Instagram account.

Great West Way®

Pewsey is at the very centre of the Great West Way – the midpoint between London and the southwest. Our walks, talks, tours and other events extend beyond Pewsey to the Salisbury Plain, the North Wessex Downs and beyond into West Berkshire. Visit the Great West Way Website to see what this ancient route offers.

North Wessex Downs National Landscape

Nearly all walks, talks and events take place in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is now called North Wessex Downs National Landscape Visit the site to find out more about this little-known yet stunning area.

Jones’s Mill the Vera Jeans Reserve – Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Owned and run by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Jones’s Mill is a reserve of importance. Extensive areas of Wooded Carr surrounded by a Fenland are rare in this part of the country. To the north extensive unimproved meadows and to the south a restored acidic heath grassland make Jones’s Mill an important and interesting place to explore. Remember to visit our Events and Ticket page to find out about upcoming visits to this wonderful reserve.

Pewsey Heritage Centre

Pewsey Heritage Centre is more than just a museum, it is a living history of Pewsey and the Vale. Not only a wide range of artefacts and displays it’s housed in a building that influenced the production of agricultural machinery.

Avebury World Heritage Site

Pewsey Vale is adjacent to the amazing Avebury World Heritage Site and the nearest railway station is Pewsey Railway Station.

Look out for Day trips and walking tours to Avebury.

View across wintry countryside
View across wintry countryside

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