Fields of ripe barley

Roaming the Paths offer a wide range of Talks, Walks and Tours in East Wiltshire. Easily accessible by train, leave the car and your cares in the towns and cities and begin your outdoor adventure.

By partnering with other organisations, groups and individuals we can offer a wide range of countryside-based activities. We make the countryside accessible and enjoyable for all regardless of experience or ability.

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What Talks, Walks and Tours are on offer

From simple excursions where you can learn about the plants, animals, farming, ecology and geology of the area, to longer-distance hikes. Gentle strolls to country pubs where local victuals can be sampled or a talk and walk with luncheon included. There will be offerings of hedge laying and conservation tasks, discovering the pre-historic and recent history of the area in a place defined by ancient history. Above all, there will be fresh air, and someone to show you the way.

Talking Tours

Guided tours by highly qualified local Ecologists, Botanists, Historians, Archaeologists & Antiquarians, and Conservationists. 2-3 hours long, covering 1.5 – 3 miles morning or afternoon.

Talking Walking tours

A morning Talking Tour, followed by a simple luncheon*, and an afternoon walk of 4 – 7 miles. Learn about the subject then see it in context about the vale. Options for an evening meal or drinks on many tours.

*Dietary requirements will be catered for.

Meet the……..

A day’s walk including a meeting with an expert in the field. Most often a Meet the Farmer, so you can discover what is happening in the fields explored, and the farmer can talk about the issues, practicalities, perils and triumphs of producing that time most essential to all – food. Other Meet the …. events will involve a whole range of people who live, work and study the countryside. Walks are between 5 – 12 miles, 3 – 6 hours. Some include luncheon, others require you to bring your own (Clearly stated in tour details). Options for an evening meal or drinks on many tours.

Ancient landscapes and Avebury

A range of longer walks of 10 – 15 miles exploring the ancient landscapes of the Salisbury Plain, the North Wessex Downs, the Ridgeway, Wansdyke, and the ancient wonders of the Avebury Complex. Some tours will include informative discussions from experts on assorted subjects found in the talking tours.

Summer Strolls and Winter Warmers

An opportunity to unashamedly relax in the countryside and enjoy the bounty of the land. A gentle stroll, or a longer walk to a country pub where you can spend a quantity of time savouring the fruits of the countryside. Jugs of Pimms outside in the summer or a warming feast by the log fire in winter. Enjoy the quaint and beautiful locations whilst sampling the finest food and drink. A range of options to suit all budgets from simple country fayre to high-quality dining.