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A whole day experience

This is a whole day walk of between 5 to 12 miles in length taking between 3 – 6 hours. There will be breaks along the way, including a stop for luncheon. We will meet someone in the field whose work or vocation is in that landscape, to hear what is actually happening. This is an opportunity for farmers, ecologists and others to relay directly what is happening, what has happened and what future plans are.

The walk

The walks will be of varying lengths and for different abilities. The exact details of what is included are specified for each individual event, so check out the Events and tickets page for details of upcoming and previous “Meet the….” events.

Whilst it is a whole day event, there will be a lunch stop, and many of the walks will have this catered for, although some will be out in the open and not indoors.

Who are we meeting with?

A longer day out with chance to see more of the countryside – and meeting someone whose job or vocation is that countryside. See what’s around, find out from the people working there what is happening

Farmer or Farm worker– This will be either a Farm owner, a tenant farmer, a farm manager or an experienced farm contractor.

They will talk about what is currently happening on the farm, what should be happening soon, their approach to farming and the environment, plus issues and opportunities for British farmers and the environment.

The farmers are encouraged to talk freely and will be a reflection of their personal experiences and objectives. On some walks, you may meet people with quite different approaches or opinions to each other.

Ecology and conservation – The living environment, the wildlife, ecosystem preservation and enhancement.

Archaeologist or historian – Delve into the past, from Neolithic times that shaped the ancient landscape to the present day. Learn more about the long barrows of the early neolithic period, the Bronze age, the Iron age and the influence of the Romans. In more modern times the agricultural and industrial revolution, the canals and railways in the vale, through to World War 2 and modern times.

Ecologist/conservationist – Learn about the living environment, the wildlife, ecosystems, preservation and environmental enhancement.

The Vale of Pewsey is itself a gem worth of comment by no less than Willaim Cobbett in his Rural Rides. Within the North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), nestled between the Salisbury Plain and the Marlborough Downs.

It is a patchwork of fields and chalk rivers all surrounded by magnificent downland hills. In the Village Jones’s Mill, the Vera Jeans Reserve has a rare Fenland habitat managed by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and not far away the Pewsey Downs Site of Special Scientific Interest – 305 hectares of Site of Special Scientific Interest. Slightly further afield the ancient Savernake Forest and the Avebury World Heritage site.


A light lunch will be a choice of sandwiches, rolls, soup, one-dish hot food (soup, chilli, jacket potato etc) plus tea, coffee and cold drinks. The type of lunch specified in the event details (i.e. is it a hot or cold lunch). Most dietary requirements are catered for.

Afternoon Tea, Evening meal or Drinks

All walks will aim to conclude at a place of refreshment of some description.

Evening meals and alcoholic drinks will tend not to be included, although tea, coffee and cold drinks will be provided. You may choose to purchase an evening meal at the location or sample the local drinks on offer.

The type of venue, what is available at the venue, and an estimate of how long will be available at this final destination will be specified for each individual event.

Start, Finish and Transfers

Nearly all events will start and finish at Pewsey Railway Station.

Transport to and from the station will be included where required. Timing of the start and finish of events will be matched to appropriate train times to and from Reading and London for convenience.

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