A cozy bell tent is set up on a lush green lawn under a clear blue sky. The tent is cream-colored and partially open, revealing a neatly made bed inside with pillows and blankets. The surrounding area features well-maintained grass, a few pieces of wooden outdoor furniture, and a fence with tall bushes or trees in the background. The scene suggests a peaceful, rural setting ideal for a relaxing outdoor getaway.

Unwind and reconnect with nature

Whether you’re planning a family getaway or a romantic escape, these tents provide a comfortable retreat where you can unwind and reconnect with nature. From stargazing around a crackling campfire to exploring scenic trails and wildlife, renting a bell tent offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in outdoor adventures while savouring the serenity of nature.

Please Contact us or message / WhatsApp 07796 110222 to reserve your booking. Also see Roaming the Paths or Little Piece of Wonder on Facebook for other contact methods.

Bell Tent Rental

Renting a 4 metre bell tent is a brilliant idea for those seeking to embrace the beauty of the great outdoors and immerse themselves in nature.

With a bell tent, you can experience the joy of camping without compromising on comfort and convenience. These spacious and sturdy tents are designed to withstand various weather conditions while providing a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

The Joys of Camping

Set amidst the picturesque surroundings of nature, a bell tent allows you to wake up to the gentle chirping of birds, breathe in the fresh air, and bask in the tranquillity of the wilderness.

I’m pleased to be offering my 4 metre bell tent for hire. It has a groundsheet attached, so really easy to put up…and what I love about this tent, is its simplicity – just peg down, one pole goes up in the middle, and then the door frame poles – takes about 10 minutes!

It’s a great tent for camping trips and small festivals with lots of space, weddings and parties (we’ve had a bride and groom hire the tent for their wedding night before). The tent only comes with the price, and none of the interior/accessories seen in the photos…but they give you a feel for how beautiful and cosy it is, with a few of your favourite home comforts added.

A warmly lit bell tent is pictured during the evening against a backdrop of dark trees and a deep blue sky. The cream-colored tent is open, revealing a cozy interior decorated with hanging ornaments and soft, inviting furnishings. Inside, there are cushions, a small table with a lit candle, and other decorative elements that create a charming and intimate atmosphere. The soft glow from the interior lights spills out onto the surrounding grass, enhancing the serene and inviting feel of the scene.
cosy bell tent in the evening

Some information on Booking and Paying to Rent our lovely Bell Tent

Details of booking, payment and pricing.

The tent is supplied as just the tent. We don not furnish the tent, as it is often used for events rather than camping, and people add their own interpretations.


There is currently excellent availability. We will update here as availability reduces.

At present 22nd – 28th July tent may not be available, but not yet confirmed.

Please Contact us or message / WhatsApp 07796 110222 to reserve your booking. Also see Roaming the Paths or Little Piece of Wonder on Facebook for other contact methods.


It is priced at £35 per night (min 2 nights) – but I’m happy to look at discounts for stays of 3 or more nights. For example 5 nights at £150, 7 nights at £175.

We request a deposit of £50.00 to secure the booking – this is deducted from the total hire charge.

There is a £200 refundable deposit required on collection of the tent which is refunded when the tent is returned undamaged.

We do not offer a courier or postal service, collection and delivery is usually from Pewsey, Wiltshire. However, delivery and setup can be arranged in special circumstances according to availability.


We have three payment methods available.

Bank Transfer

The usual bank transfer method.


Yes, we still take cash, and hand the cash deposit back on return of a tent in good order.


You are in control with online payments. On agreement of a hire we send you a link to your own payment page. Here you can pay for the hire, deposit, refundable deposit and any extras.


The deposit refund will be via the same method as the payment.

Extra Items

Whilst we do not intend to hire out camping equipment, if there is something you need to help, please feel free to ask. Items could include:

  • Gazebo (not for the tent, but colour matches)
  • Electrical Hook-up for Campsites
  • Camp Beds
  • Small 12v/240v fridge
  • Chairs, mats, cookers, sundries

A cream-colored bell tent is set up next to a beige gazebo on a green grassy field. Under the gazebo, there are two camping chairs and a small table, creating a comfortable outdoor seating area. The setup is surrounded by lush greenery, with trees and bushes in the background. A car is parked nearby, indicating a convenient and accessible camping spot. The scene is peaceful and well-organized, ideal for a relaxing outdoor experience.
Bell tent with Gazebo creating a nice outdoor sitting area

Delivery, set-up and take down

We do not offer delivery of collection as a standard, but if required we may, according to availability be able to arrange.

Delivery or collection

Mileage is calculated at £5.00 per mile (as we have to go there and back). Route mileage is calculated by Google Maps from the centre of Pewsey. Minimum charge of £10.00. Examples. Delivery or collection to or from Marlborough Town Hall £35.00, Delivery or collection to or from Devizes Corn Exchange £60.00

Set-up or Take down

Setup or takedown (if requested) is £35.00 each (plus delivery or collection charge).

Terms and Conditions

Upon return, if the tent is undamaged and clean the deposit is immediately returned by the same method as payment.

Whilst we expect the tent to be returned clean and dry, the weather can be uncooperative. Please message us before returning if the tent is not dry. If we have a warning that the tent is not dry your deposit will not be affected and returned as we can take action. Similarly, accidents do happen. Inform us at the soonest opportunity, as we may be able to remedy the issue easily if warned and your deposit will not be affected.

Any damage or injury to third parties caused by or in association with the tent whilst in your position is your responsibility. We will hold no liability for accidents or damage caused. e.g. someone tripping over a guy rope.

When pitched correctly a Bell Tent should withstand even quite extreme weather including heavy rain, up to gale-force winds and snowfall. This is part of their enduring appeal bell tent. However, incorrect pitching of the tent might cause damage that you will be liable for. However, this should not be an issue, as again, Bell tents whilst bulky and heavy are quite simple to correctly pitch. If unsure, please feel free to ask. Instructions are included, and we can run through any aspect of this.

No cooking to be done within the tent. This is not only a fire hazard, but there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Similarly, no combustion heaters to be used within the tent. Certain kinds of electric heating are quite OK.

Any questions, please feel free to Contact us or message / WhatsApp 07796 110222. Also see Roaming the Paths or Little Piece of Wonder on Facebook for other contact methods.

A scenic coastal landscape stretches out in this image, showcasing the beauty of Dorset in the summer. The foreground features tall grasses and wildflowers leading to stone fences that divide fields of various shades of green and gold. A path runs along the cliff edge, offering a stunning view of the deep blue sea that meets the sky at the horizon. In the distance, a sandy beach curves along the coastline, and rolling hills with scattered houses add depth to the picturesque scene. The overall atmosphere is serene and expansive, capturing the natural charm of the coastal countryside.
Camping in Dorset

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