Being passionate about being outdoors has led me to partner with like-minded individuals and organisations to provide walks, talks, tours and events. Below are links to partners, associates and other valuable resources.

Visit their websites from the links below, or check out the tickets page for upcoming events and the News for exciting developments.

Partners and associates

Associates who work with roaming the paths to provide services or events, and sites associated with Roaming the Paths.

Walking Wiltshire

Specialising In botanical-based tours. Walking Wiltshire offers a wealth of information, insight and commentary on the medicinal and other uses of the flora. See the Walking Wiltshire website for the walking talking tours on offer, or the tickets page to book for an upcoming event.

Alan’s Almanac

Alans Almanac is a guide to all things seasonal in the countryside. A partner site to Roaming the paths, providing useful hints on what is seasonal on the farm, in nature, seasonal foods and recipes, notable dates, seasonal changes and events. Alan’s Almanac shares an Instagram account with Roaming the Paths. Check out Features and Articles on Alan’s Almanac for contributor articles and current news.

Little Piece of Wonder

Little Piece of Wonder…the place to discover stories & ideas about living a more creative & connected life. Exploring the wonder of nature & the magic that comes from slowing down. This adventure will introduce people & places including artists, creators & those living a simpler & more connected way of living. Visit the Little Piece of Wonder Blog page for recent news, the Little Piece of Wonder Facebook page or the beautifully curated Little piece of Wonder Instagram account because life is beautiful.

View over the Pewsey Vale in Spring
View over the Pewsey Vale in spring

Resources and useful links.

Background information on Pewsey Vale and North Wessex downs: Where to eat and drink, places to visit, transport, ecology, history and the environment.

Visit Pewsey Vale

The Vale of Pewsey – one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the UK, just waiting to be explored. Many of the events held are in or around the Pewsey Vale. Visit Pewsey Vale website tells you about why there is so much on offer. Also, see the Visit Pewsey Vale Facebook page and their lovely Visit Pewsey Vale Instagram account.

Great West Way

Pewsey is at the very centre of the Great West Way – midpoint between London and the southwest. Our walks, talks, tours and other events extend beyond Pewsey to the Salisbury Plain, the North Wessex Downs and beyond into West Berkshire. Visit the Great West Way Website to see what this ancient route has to offer.

North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Nearly all walks, talks and events take place in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Visit the site to find out more about this little-known yet beautiful area.